New Orleans


Ever wonder whether you should leave a photo as a color image or covert it to Black and White or Sepia?

Here is how I decide.

First, what am I trying to convey to the person looking at the image? If it is a feeling of nostalgia or of an era gone by Sepia is probably the best choice. Black and white can do this also but at a much lesser scale. Black and white has more of a timeless feel to it. In both cases we are eliminating the realism that color provides.


When you eliminate color you eliminate information. This information is left up to the viewer to fill in. Making a photo Sepia or Black and White makes it more Idealistic.














In the photo above I really liked the red brick and white accents of the building so I left it as a color image. Another reason I left it in color is the cars in the foreground. I feel those date the image to the present so how can it be timeless?

In the end it is an artistic choice. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

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