Composition. The Use of Framing

It’s here! The NEW Kindle eBook, “The Power Of Composition: The Use Of Emotional Appeal To Create Impact”. If you want people to love your photos they must have emotional appeal. In other words they have to evoke an emotional response from the person viewing them. Once the viewer can make an emotional connection with the subject in your photo he or she is hooked. Getting the viewer to connect with the photo by falling in love with the subject is very methodical and once understood can be used in every type of photography. Below is an excerpt from the book describing one type of “Framing”. Framing is placing a structure or objects on the perimeter of the image creating a frame around the edges. There are three types of “framing” and each evokes a different emotional appeal from the viewer. For this article we’ll discuss when the framing and subject are placed in the same plane. Usually the subject is underneath and the framing is above.


When the subject is underneath the framing, as is the Corvette underneath the Framing of the tree, the viewer gets the impression that the subject is sheltered or protected. Many times I will use this technique at weddings. I will place the bride and groom under the doorway of the church. The message being that they are under the shelter of the church or their love is protected by the love and Grace of God. The car might not be protected in the same way but it is sheltered or protected by the branch of the tree. The basic concept is still the same.


Wherever I go I can always find some kind of Framing. Sometimes it is a branch of a tree, or a doorway. Other times it is some structure such as an arch or canopy or awning.


This type of “framing” is one of three that will help you achieve emotional appeal. It is a fairly easy technique however it sends a very subtle but clear message to the viewer.

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