Concert Photos With a Pocket Camera

Neil Diamond in the spotlight Just went to a great concert! Neil Diamond is a powerhouse of energy and talent. He sang for over two hours without a break. He has so many hit songs that he could not sing all but he sang the ones we wanted to hear. I wanted to take some photos but they do not allow DSLR cameras at concerts. This is a big change from the last concert I went to. In 1978 I saw Bob Dylan at Madison Square Garden in New York City. I was in row 20. With a 200mm lens I got close up photos of him. Now here I was with a pockect camera clear across on the other side of the arena. I think it was row 3 million and 6. The good thing was we had a clear view. So here are some tips on taking really good concert photos with a pocket camera (or any camera).First, I took the camera off the "P" setting. In this setting it will choose the ISO, shutter speed, and f/stop. Since Mr. Diamond only takes up a small area in the photo the camera will be fooled by the surrounding darkness. It's "program" will try to expose for the overwhelming dark area thereby making the entire photo brighter. The problem is that Neil Diamond is in a very bright spot light. He will be completly washed out.In "P" setting it will opt for a high ISO (800-1600) which degrades the image. Instead I put the setting on AV (Aperture Priority). This allowed me to choose the f/stop. I chose the widest f/stop that the camera has and let the camera choose the shutter speed.Next, I put the ISO on 400. This is plenty for the bright area that Neil Diamond is standing in. Now I zoomed in and composed the shot. I waited till he stood still and took the photo.






everyone standing singing Sweet Caroline




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