Don’t Forget The Details

When photographing weddings it’s important to take photos of the details.

Although most of the times this means close up of things sometimes it’s the house or hotel that the bride got dressed at. Whether wide angle or close up it is important to capture the places and things that were part of the wedding.

The first thing I do when I get to the wedding is photograph the house and any decorations that are specific to the wedding like bows or wedding bells. If it is a hotel I will take a few photos at different angles and the name of the hotel if possible. If there is some really neat landscaping I’ll photograph that too.

These are things that the bride and groom will want to see. On the day of the wedding they are so busy they might not even notice some of these things. Later if they get a book these photos can be used as background images.

I do the same thing when I get to the ceremony location. I’ll take close up photos of the chairs or pews especially if they are decorated with flowers. If it’s a church I’ll take photos of the outside and inside of the church and of the glass stained windows. If it’s a park or beach I’ll take photos of the trees and waves and so on.

Lastly, I take photos of details as soon as I arrive at the reception. Photos of the outside and inside of the location. Perhaps there is  something unusual about the architecture or the landscaping or the entrance. Once inside I get photos of the room, a table, the centerpieces, and the cake.

I was at a wedding several years ago where the cake table collapsed and the cake fell and had to be wiped off the floor. The bride came over to me crying and asked if I had gotten a photo prior to it falling. Yep, I sure did, as soon as I had arrived.

The first thing I do at a wedding is photograph the details.

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