Fastest Way To Becoming A Great Photographer!

There is a specific formula to shorten the time it takes to become a great photographer.

Learn, practice, review, practice, review, practice, review, learn, practice, review, etc, etc.

This is the formula I used and in three years I was winning awards in professional photography at state level. This is not to brag and say I am a great photographer but I have reached a certain skill level. If you notice nowhere in that formula does it say buy the newest lens or camera.

Talk to any great photographer and he or she will tell you that the real photo is in your head. This is why you must first learn. Then, it’s just a matter of translating that mental image into a digital image. This is why you must practice and review. If you understand this then you will take it upon yourself to learn, practice, and refine your technique. You’ll soon find that you have developed a “style”.  In time so will others.

This is not to say equipment is meaningless. On the contrary, when purchasing equipment get the best. You’ll thank yourself later but don’t let the camera you have define you as a  photographer.

Welcome to this site where I will share some of the things I have learned and experienced.


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