How To Photograph Children

Photographing children can be so easy and it can be so difficult that many photographers would rather not.

If you don’t it’s probably out of frustration because depending on the child’s age and disposition it can be easy or it can be a real challenge. Different children will have different energy levels or temperaments. However, even the same child will go through different stages over the course of a year or two. At age 3 and 4 he or she might be really animated and at 7 or 8 become more reserved.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of taking photos of good looking little boy by the name of Stavros.

He was really well behaved and you could tell mom and dad take lots of pictures of him because as soon as I pointed the camera he posed and smiled for me. Not all children are this cooperative. You do have to be care in this case that you don’t get the fake “cheese” smile”. A sincere pleasant look is better than a fake smile.






To do this I play guessing games so he forgets that he is trying to “smile” as mom and dad taught him. I just want him to be himself. So what to do? Easy, wait a moment after his initial reaction which was to clap and smile. Patience is a virtue. I simply wait a moment till his initial excitement to my game subsides and then I take the photo.

Photographing kids is easy as long as you work or play with them and then wait till the excitement subsides to get that nice relaxed but attentive look.










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