I Like My Bread And Butter

As Photographers we all want to photograph the beautiful and sexy model or handsome couple. Sometimes we want to travel to that exotic location to photograph majestic mountains or seascapes. This is all great but let’s not forget the bread and butter photography. The executive portrait, corporate event, and the PR photo.

Setting up shop in the boardroom with 2 lights and a portable background.

I recently took some photos of the faculty and staff of a college. I know it’s not as glamorous as the sexy model but because I have done a good job for them in the past they keep calling me. I have taken photos at 4 different campuses and I have returned to each place 2 to 3 times for updates. One of the greatest investment that I made was to purchase portable studio lights 30 years ago. I can set up a temporary studio anywhere in 20 minutes. Here I set up my studio in the boardroom. I photographed 50 people. I took down their names and they picked their favorite photo. All this in two hours. What I like most is these assignments are on weekdays so they don’t interfere with the wedding photography.



Set up in any room, any size.

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