Let’s Trash The Dress!

One of the newer trends in wedding photography is the “trash the dress” photo session. Although it’s been around for some six to eight years just now it’s beginning to catch steam. This is a photo session that takes place after the wedding day. It’s a little bit of a misnomer because the goal is not to destroy the brides’ wedding dress. The goal is to take photos that on the wedding day might have wrinkled, dirtied, or possibly damaged the dress.
After the wedding you can take photos of the bride that would be off limits on the day of the wedding. As an example I have always wanted to take a photo of a bride on horseback. The problem is that when she gets off she might end up smelling like one. The bride and her father walking into church smelling like a horse would probably kill the ambiance.
I recently took my first trash the dress photos. We went to Weecki Wacchi Springs in Florida. The groom dressed up as well so we got photos of both. I have to tell you that I really enjoyed it. We took photos of the bride and groom seated and laying down. We even took photos of the bride and groom in the river. Any photos that will get the dress wet should be done last. First do everything else you can think of. Once the dress gets wet it will take hours to dry it.
One thing to always keep in mind is safety. Doing things that can’t be done on the wedding day doesn’t mean doing things that could be dangerous. When going into the water I made sure there were no currents or fast moving water. I also chose a place that was only two foot deep. 
If you have someone that is open to the idea try it. It really does free you from the worry that the dress will get dirty. I still have not gotten a photo of a bride on horseback but I am working on it. When I do I can tell you it will be phenomenal.


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