Welcome to the place that will help you improve your photography skills right away. These simple to understand tips are designed for the amateur photographer willing to change from being a picture take to a picture creator. Manny’s philosophy is that photography is a fine art and equipped with the right information, you can create terrific photos.

Each tip is a standalone lesson you can apply today. We provide two ways to learn: written articles and video presentations. Click on the links below to start your lessons now.

Short Notes for Great Photos

Articles that help you take better pictures.
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Preparation is key to good fireworks photos. If you are planning on taking photos of fireworks this 4th of July or other celebration, here are a few simple tips to help you be successful. First, most fireworks viewing is in a crowded area so it may be difficult to use a tripod so be sure and use a fast enough shutter speed for hand held shooting. Usually 1/40th or 1/60th of a second will do.Taking photos of very bright objects like fireworks against a very dark background make it hard for your camera to focus and expose properly. Be sure to start with manual settings for both exposure and focus.
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner and families getting together it’s a perfect opportunity for photos. This is the time when the kids come home from college to be with parents and grandparents and in some cases great grandparents. Whether you go to a professional or decide to take the photos yourself it is an event you should record for yourself as well as posterity. Years from now you will want to look back on this occasion but so will others. Others that might not even be born yet.
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There is nothing more elegant in photography than classical portraiture. Some might think that because it is “classical ” it is old fashioned. Not at all. Classical simply refers to the Renaissance masters. These are photographs that mimick the the look of the high Renaissance paintings.
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A photograph is made of an infinite amount of points of light. Where the points are small and packed tightly together the image is sharp. Where the points are large and loosely packed the image is not sharp. When purchasing a lens we always think about the sharpness of the image it will produce. What is equally important is how the lens renders the out of focus areas in the photo. The Quality of the out of focus is referred to as Bokeh. (Pronounced bo-keh ). This is Japanese for “senile” or “touched in the head” or “fuzzy”.
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The most popular camera sold today is the “Pocket” or “Point and Shoot” Camera. It is convenient, affordable and packs features that just a few years ago were only found on expensive cameras.
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