Night Time Is The Right Time!

More and more I find myself taking engagement photos at night with the city lights as my   backdrop.

Night time sets the mood


I like the excitement and mood of the night life.  It looks very real and believable to me. I like the idea of capturing a couple going out on the town and having fun. Taking photos at night gives an entirely different feeling to the photo. It also opens up all new possibilities.

Use the buildings and the architecture as backdrops










I usually start the session an hour before sunset. This allows me to get photos using the buildings and architecture. I always compose for the background first and then add the couple. As it gets dark I like to capture the out of focus lights in the background. 

Remember to shoot wide, intermediate, and close up

Whether in daylight or night I like to take three types of photos. Wide angle, intermediate, and close-up. This gives variety to the photos. If the photos are going into a book you’ll have an endless possibility as far as placing them.

The more photos I take at night the more I want to take. It’s a whole new world.

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