Photography for a Good Cause

Your photography can have a tremendous impact on someones life. One day someone will remember you because of a photo you took. It might even be after your long gone.

 This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping Ryan Wakefield, the designer of this website, with photographing a weekend event. Once a year HPH Hospice holds a weekend event for kids that have had a tragic death in the family. Tragic because it usually is a parent or sibling.

These are good kids that have been sobered up early in life. The staff at HPH along with many volunteers and counselors offer these kids a way to express and deal with their loss.
My day rate for photography is between $1100 to $750 for an 8 hour day. I charge accordingly depending on the complexity of the assignment.

To help Ryan out I charged $100 from Friday evening to Sunday late morning. Both Ryan and I covered all the events and Ryan then put together a 10 minute slide show for the grand ending on Sunday. He stayed up the night to do this.

It really brings tears to your eyes to see smiles on their faces as they see themselves or their new friends on the screen. Once in a while there is a cheer or even some laughter.
Before they go home there is a balloon release ceremony.
I love photography

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