Point and Shoot Cameras

Lately I have been using a Point and Shoot Camera. For $200 I am amazed at how many features it has and the picture quality.
We have been busy filming our newest DVD which will be on getting the most out of your Point and Shoot camera.

When doing professional work I use my 5D and off-camera flash and tripod and so on. When on vacation or out and about the pocket camera is the ideal camera. Instead of carrying my equipment I put it in my pocket and go.

I have taken photos of children, pets, scenery, even a baseball game. As always, it’s not the camera but the person behind the camera that defines the quality of the photo.

I use the same rules of composition and lighting no matter which camera is in my hand.

The only thing that for me takes a little getting used to is looking at a screen instead of a viewfinder. I find it a little slow. Except for that the results are very good.

Of course nothing beats the larger digital cameras with the interchangeable lenses and external flashes. However, is it really practical and convenient to take all that on vacation or in every day activities? Get a Point and Shoot. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

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