The most popular camera sold today is the “Pocket” or “Point and Shoot” Camera. It is convenient, affordable and packs features that just a few years ago were only found on expensive cameras.



In choosing a camera there are a few things you want to look for.
If you like to take photos of flowers and nature a MACRO feature will help because it allows you to get close up photos.


If you like to take sports or scenic photos a strong telephoto lens is useful because it brings the subject closer. In this case get a camera 10 or 12X Optical Zoom and NOT a digital zoom.

Another helpful feature is Image Stabilization. This allows you to keep the camera from shaking when taking the photo which results in blurred photos.

Image Quality.
The image quality depends more on how you take the photo than the camera. The two most important things you can do to dramatically improve your photos is lighting and composition. Without taking a full photography course here are a few simple things to do:



Photo 1. Bright overhead sunlight creates extreme bright areas and extreme dark areas. Even the most expensive cameras have a hard time capturing subjects in extreme light.




Photo 2. The number one rule is to try to keep your subject in the shade whenever possible. This type of lighting is softer and more even and can be recorded accurately by the camera.



Photo 3. If you are taking photos of people come up close so you can see faces clearly.



Photo 4. The Macro feature lets you come up close and the soft light gets you great colors. Also try putting your subject off center.



Photo5. The strong 12X Zoom allowed me to bring the subject closer. Note he is off to the side allowing him space to look into.



Photo6. Taking photos of people when the sun is behind clouds or a few minutes before sunset is ideal because of the even and low light that exists.



Photo 7. The image Stabilization lets you take photos at night hand held without the blur. Although you want to see some background come up close so you can appreciate the people in the photo.



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