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PR and Advertising photos are always fun to do. Just like taking on any other photo assignment the first thing you need to do is find out what is in the clients mind.

PR photo for Realtor. What are they looking for? What message are they trying to convey to prospective clients. How do they see themselves? How do they want to be "viewed"?

The more questions you ask before taking on a photo assignment the better you will understand their needs and how to meet them. It is no different from a wedding or portrait assignment. Rush into it without asking questions and you can take the most amazing photos but not what the client wanted.

Ask, ask, ask.

After I took several photos to get the best expression I was asked to take individual photos. In the event that one or the other receives an award or needs to be featured in an ad or promotional piece.

Now the technical stuff.
We scheduled the session at dusk in front of a house. The first thing I did was take an exposure of the available light. That is my base exposure. Then I took a flash and placed it in the house

The look of a winner, friendly, professional, approachable, confident

and aimed it at the ceiling to light up the room. It was set at one f/stop higher than the existing light outdoor.

Then I took another flash and placed it to the left of the photo (their right) on a stand. I set that at one f/stop lower than the existing light. My camera was on a tripod and I just snapped a few photos. My camera was set for the existing light.

I then took the individual photos. Since it was at dusk and getting darker by the minute I checked the existing light. I had to drag the shutter from 1/30 0f a second to 1/8 of a second. I also bumped the ISO from 400 to 800.

How many photos have you seen of realtors that look like someone in the office took the photo? These photos might be the first thing a prospective client might see. What kind of impression will they leave? If it’s positive everybody wins.

Keep your clients happy and they will come back again. Meet their needs and they will recommend you.

Not just another realtor. Smart and a go getter. This is the guy you want to sell or buy your house from

IF you feel you need help in this type of lighting consider getting The Ultimate Photographer DVD at our store. Mixing flash with existing light  is explained and shown in great detail.

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