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New Equipment and The Learning Curve

Whether you are a consummate pro or a beginner the learning process never ends. I recently purchased some new equipment. Three new Canon 600Ex-Rt flashes, a 70 to 200mm IS 2.8L lens, new flash brackets and external battery packs for the flashes.

So what is the first thing that I do? Take lots and lots of photos. I do practice what I preach. I can read all the manuals supplied but there is no substitute for testing and practicing with the equipment. I know my old flashes (Metz 60CT-4) forwards and backwards. They are analog with dials and switches. The Canon flashes are digital with menus and sub menus. I used my Metz flashes on “Auto”. The Canons built in Radio does not allow that. I have to learn E-TTL. I hate TTL because it is so inconsistent yet I will have to figure out how to manipulate it to do what I want.

It’s so easy to buy the equipment but it takes a concentrated  effort to learn how to use it effectively. Learning and practicing is arduous. This is why some of us buy exercise equipment and then it just gathers dust. It takes real effort to use it.

“Spaced repetition” is something I talk about in all my videos and seminars. I have been using the new equipment daily for about two weeks now. I have gotten very familiar with the menus and sub menus of the flashes. I can now easily find specific functions without much effort. Shorten your learning curve by practicing photography technique on a daily basis. When you get to the point where it’s second nature the photography experience becomes fun.

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