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Breaking Camera Equipment

030LIf you take photos often it’s bound to happen to a piece of your equipment. Whether you forgot a tripod somewhere only to go back and not find it or you drop and break a filter or lens we all go through it. A few days ago I took some excellent photos with my new soft focus filter. Yesterday I dropped it and it is now heading to the state landfill.

017L Here is how I look at it. It really stinks but there is a bright side. First, I no longer have to clean it. Second, I don’t have to worry that I am going to drop and break it. If someone at the landfill steals it I don’t care. I love photography and take photos almost daily. Whether for myself, a client or my classes and seminars. Sooner or later I know there will be a dreaded accident. In the meantime I am going to enjoy myself. img_7233L

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