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Story Telling Using Selective Focus

Selective Focus 3
Selective Focusing is a very powerful tool when you are trying to tell a story with just one photo. By focusing on something   in the foreground that is related to something out of focus in the background. In the photo above the focus is on the single hand and champagne flute. The background contains the out of focus groom, bride and Maid of Honor toasting. What is out of focus reinforces the statement of what is in focus.

The difference between Selective focus and just focusing on your subject with an out of focus background is that in selective focus the background has to be related to whatever you have in focus. Most of the time what you focus on is  small compared to the out of focus part of the photo. You could say that the out of focus background is more important because it explains the importance of the object in focus. Had I taken the photo of the hand and flute against a plain background the photo would have a different meaning.

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