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During our lifetime we travel to many places near and far. Sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for business. Most of the time we want to bring back photos highlighting our experiences. We want others to “see and feel” what we did. How the photos are taken makes all the difference in the world.

I like to look at places in two ways. First and the easiest is how is it different? What makes it unique? Then, how is it similar? There are differences and commonality in everything and everyone. The differences are the things that inspire and hold us in awe. The commonality is what make the places personal and establish a bond.

If the photos convey both they will entice us to go there because of the excitement of the new and and the comfort of the familiar. Very few people want to go somewhere that makes them feel totally alien.



I tend to start off with a wide shot to show the overall place that I am at and then I like to concentrate on the close up photos, the details. The close up photo makes the subject personal while detailing what is unique.

When photographing your subject be aware of the background. Once I decide what I am going to photograph I walk around it to see which background will enhance the subject. Using a  telephoto lens helps because it brings the background closer to the subject.  I like to use architecture to “frame” my subject.

Another favorite thing for me to do is to ask the locals what is unique about their town. I tell them that I am visiting and what do they suggest I not miss in my photos. You’ll be surprised at the history they will tell you as well as great photo opportunities.

While taking a photo of the Delphi Hotel a local stopped me and gave me some history and told me it had an inner courtyard.  I went in and saw potted plants and lights.



All these photos were taken on a recent assignment in Saratoga, NY. I only had two hours of free time to take these and many more photos. All photos were taken with a 70 to 200mm f/4 lens. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in little time just by using the rules of composition and lighting.

I showed these to my wife and now she wants to go to Saratoga.

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