The Best Thing About The Golden Hour

last rays of the sun equals perfect lighting

Manny times when I am called to take photos on location I have to work within the client’s schedule. In other words, I can’t always pick the time.
However, there are an equal amount of times when people leave it up to me to pick the time of the photography.

I always choose the Golden Hour. The time starting from one hour before sunset. My most favorite time within the Golden Hour is about 30 minutes before the sun sets. At this point the sun is about 40 degrees high or less and very weak. Just the right height and just the right intensity. Not to mention the beautiful warm color it gives to the skin.

to keep the shadows from going too dark I used a flash on camera for a fill light

Directional 3 dimensional lighting can be achieved any time of day. To do so requires off camera flashes and or reflectors plus know how.  The wedding photo needed flash because I was there too early.

That last 30 minutes just before sunset requires only know how. The photo of the young lady by herself required no extra light.

The best thing about the Golden Hour is the last 30 minutes.


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