Times Are Tough

“Times are tough”. I have heard photographers make this complaint since the very beginning of my photography career. Times are tough it’s true but our business practices can make things a lot tougher.
About a week ago I sent two emails to a company asking about repair to my flashes. I’m thinking of sending the three I have for service. There is nothing wrong but I use them so much that every three years I send them in for a “tune up”. I was also ready to buy 2 new ones. My emails went unanswered. So did my 2 voice mails. In contrast, when I called Canon to ask questions about their flashes I spoke to a technician. I decided not to send the flashes in to that company for service and bought two Canon 600EX-RT units.

Two days ago I sent an email to Quantum Instruments. They make the popular Quantum Flashes and Power Packs. No Answer. Perhaps they did not get it so I called them and left a voice mail. An hour later I received a call back and all my questions were graciously answered.
I just ordered one of their Turbo SC Slim power packs and I will continue to be a loyal Quantum customer because of the way I was treated. I know I can always count on their support. What about the other company? I am told times are tough. You know, on account of the Chinese, Mexicans, Martians, and Vikings.
How can any company stay in business when they totally ignore the customer? Are you accessible? Can your customers and potential customers easily get a hold of you? There was a time when I did not answer the phone on a Sunday. Times are tough so now I do. I realize if a caller does not get a hold of me they can probably get a hold of someone else. I return calls within an hour or same day.

Are times tough for your business? Are you doing everything you can do to be of real service? If not times could get even tougher.

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