To Do A Bridal Show Or Not

I can’t seem to make up my mind when it comes to Bridal Shows. Should I participate in them or not? I have had good results and no results. I just participated in the Rusty Pelican Bridal Show. This year I tried something new. Instead of bringing prints and books I brought books and a 50 inch TV screen. Prints and frames are expensive and after a few times get damaged or dated or both. Putting a slide show on a 50 inch screen is impressive but I almost broke the TV in transit. Either way Bridal shows are expensive and time consuming. On the up side you get to personally talk to couples about their needs and how you can be of help.Although I once booked 3 weddings at a show I usually don’t book any on the spot. Most couples will call at some point in the future. One couple called me a year after they saw me at a Bridal show. You just don’t know what the outcome will be till you go to one.  Even offering a “Show Special” doesn’t seem to do much to get couples to make a decision. 

So should you participate in one? If you expect to walk away with 10 contracts no. Except for that, I would say yes because all other form of advertising is passive. Bridal Shows are interactive. 

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