Get The Picture! is a 13 part ½ hour HD television series where each show is an exciting getaway of diverse people and breath taking views of America.

Join an adventurous photographer whose mission is to enlighten and entertain the 100 million plus camera owners in the U.S. We will visit eclectic destinations photographing a variety of people that embody the American experience. Manny is full of surprises as he interacts with various people from the flamboyant to the reluctant. All become part of his photographic creations. The goal is to show viewers how to capture terrific photos and to keep the audience wondering what will happen next.


Host Manny Pontoriero learned early on that it’s not the camera but the one behind it that makes the difference. Technique is everything. He applies his skills to capture the art of photography. Manny has got an innate ability ot relate to people. Whether he has a cooperative subject or an obstinate child, he doesn’t give up. His playful and offbeat personality helps him with everyone in front of and behind the lens. His assertive nature keeps things offbeat and off balance. He always knows just how far to push it to get what he wants.

The cast of characters Manny meets each week are people of all backgrounds and temperament. Some of the subjects are alive and flamboyant whose dream it is to be “discovered”. Others are introverted. It will be Manny’s job to elicit the best from each subject. Our subjects will all be people who contribute to the American experience. Artists, business people, immigrants, workers, teachers, scientists and philosophers, sports and movie stars. We all love to learn what makes people tick. Manny will learn about Americans from an artists point of view so he can in turn create the photograph he feels is right for them.


The people we feature all belong to a place that says something about them and what we collectively think of America. It could be their home whether a beautiful mansion or a tiny apartment. They may be someone who works in an unusual location or has an interesting profession. They may feel at home in an ethnic community or surrounded by medical test tubes and equipment. The place often has a lot to say about the person. Manny blends the person and the place to create memorable images.


Each thirty minute episode will feature a destination and two or three stories focusing on people at that destination. the idea is to show diversity even in each city, village or rural setting. As Manny visits a specific destination we will learn about the place through the people who live, work or visit there. Some of the destinations planned for Season 1 include:

San Francisco, CA
The Grand Canyon
New York, NY
A Native American Community in Oklahoma
A Fishing Village in Louisiana
The Black Hills of North Dakota
Miami, FL

How Manny “Gets the Picture” is an adventure with challenges to overcome like time, weather, natural and man-made barriers, personality clashes and technology in order to create great pictures. No matter what the obstacle, we will show America with all its beauty and blemishes and Manny will shed his photographic lights on what he see’s as he journeys across America.

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