I see so many people buying expensive cameras today in the hope of being able to take better photos. My clients often ask me how I took this or that photo. There is a real void of usable instruction when it comes to photography. Most seminars and classes focus on equipment and not on technique. As a consequence people feel they have to purchase that new lens or camera.


I was fortunate because the person who taught me photography believed equipment was a small part of the equation in creating a great photo. He taught me that any working camera will do. The rest is up to the photographer. The most important thing about equipment is to be familiar with it so that you are comfortable using it.


I teach people how to use their camera to the fullest. I see the joy that it brings them when they realize that they can create memorable photos of their loved ones, pets, and favorite places using simple but effective techniques. Photos they can proudly display in their home. Photos that become priceless the moment they are created. Photos that tell stories and bring fond memories of what is important in life. That’s why I have created Have Camera Will Travel. I want to share the same photographic techniques that I have used through the years for everyone to enjoy.

–Manny Pontoriero—

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